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Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts on Thursday used her campaign Twitter account to slyly refer to a purported "sex scandal" involving her — a year-old married woman contending for the Democratic presidential nomination — and a strapping year-old former Marine who claims Warren since August hired him multiple times as an escort. Soon enough, the year-old Bernie Ecclestone, a man who started in business after World War II trading spare parts for motorcycles, got his wish. Doctors report being groped, sexually propositioned, and harassed among culture of ;incessant nudge-nudge, wink-wink more suitably placed within a s Monty Python sketch'. Suddenly his approval ratings are no longer so solid and the leadership race within his own party and therefore the position of prime minister scheduled for September does not seem to be such a done deal. The report states FFA sources claim chairman Nikou and chief executive David Gallop began an investigation into the matter, and only then did they inform the other board members of the matter.

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